A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Trashteroids is a fast-paced space shooter game. You, the player, must use your spaceship to shoot down the "trashteroids" that are heading towards the Earth. See how long you can last before your ship runs out of energy (the blue bar) or the Earth's health depletes to zero (the red bar).

*Submission for EGaDS Game Jam September 2017*


WASD: moves the ship

Left Click: shoots the laser gun towards the direction of mouse button


Programmers: Jomar Daquigan, Dylan Deshler, Jonathan Friesen, and Victor Yang

Storywriter: Faith Vera

Credits for free Unity Assets: BlankfaceStanislav, PM assets, 3D Models/Environments/Landscapes, ZENRIN CO. LTD, and Supercyan

Background Music from Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com

Powered by Unity


Trashteroids.zip 61 MB

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